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Dirigido a toda la comunidad universitaria

a)   Asunción e interiorización por parte de los alumnos de la importancia de respetar los derechos fundamentales y los valores democráticos.


  • Theme 1: The political system: Democracy and its advantages: a) Introduction; b) The Constitution and its authority. Practical Case: The eventual reform of constitution by a non-constitutional party that wins general elections; c) The protection of minorities. Practical Case: The independence referendum in Cataluña; d) Separation of powers. Debate: Should the monarch be prosecuted for the commission of a crime?
  • Theme 2. The juridical system: Human rights and human dignity: a) Introduction; b) Human rights and politics. Practical case: Can a government reduce the protection and rights of women? ; c) Human rights and economy. Practical case: Is the state obliged to save emigrants in risk of dying on the coast?; d) The right to choose your way of life. Marriage and LGTBI collective.
  • Theme 3. Why is Democracy and Human rights in crisis?: a) Introduction; b) Welfare state and its cost. Practical Case: Should Health care be public or private?; c) Political solutions and economic crisis. Practical case: Can the Government reduce the social and economic rights?. d) Globalisation. Debate: must the state be abolished and should ONU take its place?
  • Theme 4. Information Society and its problems. Do we need a new democracy for a new world?: a) Introduction; b) Information Society and employment. Practical case: How can working people survive when robots replace today’s workers?; c) Information Society and Politics. Practical case: What should be done if a political candidate is supported by fake news? d) Has the State become a watcher?. Debate: Are we living in George Orwell´s 1984 State?

  • Fecha de inicio: 11/03/2020
  • Fecha de fin: 25/03/2020
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    Miguel Ángel Sendín García

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